Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Randomly wandering

During instructor training, we were going into the portion dealing with presentation of ideas.

To begin the class, the trainer wrote the word, "G O S S I P" on the chalkboard.

He then went on to explain what the word meant by saying something along the lines of: Good Ole Slow Sippin Incindiary Poison.

I recall, how I thought that gave a really good description of gossip.

Good Ole Slow Sippin ~ conjured up the picture of old plantation owners sitting out on their veranda with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and slowly sippin while they talked of things important to them.

Along with that was the picture of the group of ladies, that meet every morning at the local cafe to drink coffee, and talk about what all is going on in town.

Then I got the picture of what I understand the term "chewing the fat" meant.

No matter how we might look at gossip, "Incindiary Poison" really shows up its potential.

Consider how something we may hear from a trusted friend, about another friend, can roll around in our brain housing group, fermenting, and coloring all that we know and see.

As humor requires at least a modicum of truth to be funny, so, gossip must have a bit of truth to be seen as viable.

And truth be known, if you tell a lie long enough, it will eventually become common knowledge.

Well, that is my mind wandering around, so, perhaps I better get up and go look for it before it gets lost.

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