Friday, May 8, 2009

Pause for the cause...

Here it is Friday, already, and I realize I haven’t said anything on this blog, since Wednesday. Well, sometimes we do get overtaken by events…

Last weekend, I traveled to Olathe, KS where live my son and his wife. Last Wednesday they welcomed a beautiful daughter, Lenore Elise, into this world at 20-¾” and 8lbs, 15oz. So, grampa went down to spend some time with the lovely family. She is so precious!

And of course, we need to have the obligatory picture with grampa!

I praise God for giving me such a wonderful son, and providing him with the perfect mate. And now, God has given them a precious child. I am so proud, I could bust the buttons off my vest; yet, I am humbled.

Though I fear what this country, and this world, is turning into; I trust that Almighty God is in control. He knows His own, He knows the future, and He knows how much we are capable of handling on our own.

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