Monday, April 13, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Oscar

So, the Department of Homeland Security is frightened about “right-wingers”! How do they define a right winger? Anyone who is against taxes? Anyone who is against the change being defined by the current administration? Anyone who is against the tide of illegal aliens flowing into the country? Anyone who purchases guns and ammo? Anyone who is a veteran and possesses combat skills? Anyone who does not agree to unlimited abortion paid for by taxpayer money? Anyone who believes the Bible and believes in God?

If you answered “yes” to the above statements, then you are aware of where the gummint is currently moving.

To my military mind, I am a little disconcerted when I see our gummint establishing a department of “Homeland” security. You see, I am old enough to remember the cold war, and all that was happening behind the “Iron Curtain”. For the Russian, the ultimate patriotism was protection of the “Motherland” or the “Homeland”. Back in the days when we controlled our borders, we didn’t have much use for “Homeland Security”, cuz we was already taken care of business.

We have fought a number of wars to maintain our “Homeland Security”; as long as we were the dominant military force, and we took very little prisoners, we didn’t have any problem with keeping our “Homeland” secure. However, over time, many mamby pamby ultra liberal intellectuals, have decided it is better if we are not the dominant military force in the world, and have given away, or sold, our military and security secrets to the rest of the world, so they might feel a bit more smug that we are not so dominant.

The end result of sharing our might with the rest of the world, is that there are despots who desire to rule the entire world, and will do just about anything to reach that goal. Now, we have our members of the gummint doing all they can to assist the despots, ergo, we are now unsecure on our borders. Feels good don’t it?

We should recognize, that back when our country was being established, there were a number of influential people here who were not interested in separating from an oppressive monarchy, and argued against our becoming a sovereign nation. That mindset is still alive and well, today, and is endangering our continued livelihood.

What was that old saying? You never miss the one you love, until the one you love is gone. May God have mercy on our unrepentant souls.

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