Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nuther poll

Today’s Argus (Gannett mouth piece) has an online poll asking the question: “Should a judge require Roger Hunt to disclose names of shareholders in a corporation created for the purpose of campaigning for the abortion ban? “

At 8:59 am cdt the results on the poll reflect: 62.3% Yes, and 37.7% No. Did not say how many votes had been cast.

For the last forty some years, we have seen an unprecedented utilization of the judicial system to make laws and break laws.

I, for one, would be happy to see the courts saying that newspaper reporters are required to identify who provides them with the leaks that compromise our national security…I know that will never happen, cuz the legal system seems to be in lock step with the whackos that want to bring this country down to size; want this country to be like many other countries that we term “third world”,

If it is ok to identify those who wish to remain anonymous in one area, why not in all areas? If some things are no longer sacrosanct, then, let us remove sacredness from all the laws we have on the books. In fact, why not just erase all laws that have been written and implemented over the last two hundred and some years?

Since 54% of the people in this country voted for “CHANGE”, and so far the change has been for the worse, why not change the whole damn thing? I say, remove all the laws, and let us return this country to the days of yesteryear, where it was every man/woman for him/her self. Yeah, since we are no longer a “Christian” nation, then let’s become the humanist nation so many seem to think we need to be…I can guarantee there will be a lot of human waste that will fall by the way of the humanist manifesto. I can guarantee there will be a lot of “CHANGE” when we implement survival of the fittest.

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