Friday, April 24, 2009


Sittin here thinking agin. For some reason my mind went to the term “socialism” and “communism”; which started me thinking bout “ism”.

I will admit there are times when my mind wanders, and sometimes I get concerned it may lose its way back.

The thought came to me that “ism”s are oppressive to people. But what really caught my attention, or imagination, was the thought: socialism, communism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, racism, humanism. Get my drift?

How well I remember the news reels in the fifties regarding USSR and the plight of the people. Almost no jobs, very little money, long lines at the bread store, for stale bread. I especially remember stories of children having to roam the streets begging, and stealing in order to have anything to eat, because their father had been arrested for being a “dissident”. I remember how chilling it was to read about neighbors, overhearing conversations between husband and wife, and reporting it to the authorities. I recall reading “Tortured for Christ”, “Gulag Archipelago” . My most favoritest was “The Persecutor” by Sergei Kourdakov.

I do not understand how some person would be able to read these books, and not be affected. I do understand how some person would not want these books to be read by a broad collection of humanity.

So, here is my bottom line: If socialism, and communism were failures across the world, why are we so hell bent for leather to get it installed in this country? Or are we seeing the results of decades of dumbing down our society?

Anyway, that is what happens when I get to thinking, and no longer get paid for it.

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