Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kiosk And Cathedral

"Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the great English architect, had an extraordinary distinction. He designed Liverpool Cathedral and the street telephone kiosk! Vast grandeur and unadorned utility came from the same man.

No truly great man ever despises small things.
Giles Gilbert Scott gave his genius to a great modern cathedral, but was equally dedicated in producing a telephone kiosk.
How true this attitude of mind is of our Lord. Carpenter and Saviour! He who saved mankind hammered into shape yokes for the oxen.
To be faithful in little things is a great qualification for great tasks.
But isn't there another great truth here? I think so.

In a cathedral men talk to God: in a telephone kiosk, they talk to each other.
The man who is at variance with his brother can't be in fellowship with God. The man who is in fellowship with God will be in fellowship with his brother man.
The kiosk and the cathedral stand for communication between man with man and man with God. We cannot have one without the other.

Whatever we do, we must do it with our might. It is often easy to get people to do the public thing, and hard to find people to do the humble task.
But, in the service of God, there is no great and small, no important and unimportant.
Kiosk or cathedral - do it with all your might!"

Daily Celebration, William Barclay, Word Books Publisher, Waco, TX, 1972, pg 52-53

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