Sunday, January 4, 2009

We be goin down!

Cassandra at
Villainous Company
has posted a truly interesting article entitled: "Murderers!!!! (Next up: Secondhand Drinking)".

Methinks, their are too many people in this life who have way too much money and time on their hands. We are truly beginning to see the beginning of the Nazis jackboots in this country. SHEEEEESHHH!!!

According to the "health" Nazis, eating eggs is bad for you, eating fat is bad for you, eating red meat is bad for you, eating chocolate is bad for you, drinking unpasturized cow's milk is bad for you.

To my military mind, I would rather enjoy living the best life I can, enjoying the good things that are available, and perhaps dying at a young age, knowing I had enjoyed life to the fullest extent possible for me. Well, excuse me, I guess already being 63 kinda takes me out of the young category doesn't it?

But, listen to me, here: I have spent time with people who are over 100 years old. I don't begrudge them their old age; I just don't particularly desire to be so old that I have to be somewhere where people will have to take care of me. Help me out of bed, help me into the shower/bath, wash me, get me dressed.

Oh how cruel of me, now I am guilty of putting people out of work...if I don't go into a home, then that is some doctor, nurse, certified nurse's assistant, janitor, activities director that is gonna be without a job. Well, I don't really agree with that cuz, I know there are people who relish the idea of being in a home and having all their needs taken care of.

I guess I am waiting for when we come to the point that doctors/scientists come to the realization that there was a good health reason for people to wipe their rear end using only their left hand, and never using their left hand for anything else.

Oh, that's right...great minds think on great things; small minds think on small things. Third hand smoke??? Third hand smoke???

If ever there was a time when it would be convenient for Scotty to beam me up, now would be a super great time.

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