Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mind over matter, u don't mind, it don't matter

Winter has come to the south...South Dakota, that is.

Weather guessers have been prognosticating 5 to 10 degrees below zero, with wind chill down to minus 38 degrees.

We got a coupla inches of snow on Thursday, and a coupla more on Friday.

Saturday started out with snow and strong winds, spelled, blizzard.

Up until about noon, visibility was only about quarter mile.

Then it cleared up, and we were able to attend the company's Christmas dinner/party.

Well, as sometimes happens, the big boss, opened the dinner with some remarks, and in the course, shared a poem I had written, and had etched on a mirror that I had given him for Christmas.

Now I knew that I prolly shoudn'ta gone to the dinner.

After the dinner/party broke up, a number of us went to the American Legion to do a little dancing and listen to the band.

Well, I walked in, and took off my coat.

I was standing next to a table, when a woman came up behind me, and wrapped her arms around me and started whispering in my ear, "Santa, will you give me what I want?"

She had prolly been drinking pretty heavy, and was acting out her drunken behavior.

Finally got her off me, and a few minutes later, I was sitting down at the table, and she came back over, to entice me some more. Took a few minutes, but she finally got the message that I wasn't interested, and had no use for her drunken antics...thus she went away, and found someone else to play with.

Oh how that reminded me why I had stayed away from clubs and bars for so many years.

Well, obnoxious people have a right to existence too.

Anyway, a little later, I left and went to the VFW where the band was playing oldies from the 50s and 60s, yeah, my kinda music.

All in all, I guess it was a pretty good nite.

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