Monday, July 28, 2008

Symbolism over substance

Perhaps the time has come to rename the Veterans Administration to the Disabled Veterans Administration.

Once upon a time, I believe the VA was begun to take care of veterans returning from war, both disabled and non-disabled.

But because of our liberal leaders, and the strength of bureaucracies we now have a bloated gummint entity, that really lives for itself.

I will readily admit that disabled vets do get pretty good care, in many of the VA hospitals...recent gnus articles attest to the ones that fail miserably.

Looking at the VA, we can get a pretty good idea what gummint universal health care is gonna be like.

The first thing we need to remember is that any bureaucracy is in place to further and grow itself.

Therefore, funding, must be used primarily to keep the bureaucracy viable.

A good way to stretch the gummint funding, is to require a means testing on all persons who apply.

The Veterans Administration is supposed to exist to assist veterans, however, if you are a veteran, and you have less than 10% disability and you make more money each year than the poverty level, you not only are at the bottom of the list of eligibles, but you must also pay a copay.

Yeah, you see, we are back to the VA being renamed the DVA.

Because you see, disabled vets, normally cannot earn enough money in a year to take them beyond the poverty level, but since they are disabled they have received a priority.

Please understand, I am not denigrating disabled vets. I wish them the best of care, and anything that will make their lives less difficult.

But I really believe there should be truth in advertising. If the VA is truly in existence for assisting "veterans" then all "veterans" should be eligible regardless of disability or income.

If that is not realistic, then we should call a spade a spade and rename the bureaucracy to Disabled Veterans Administration.

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