Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I think; therefore i am...

I don't know why any of this stuff still bothers me...

Took a look at the Argus this morning, and what to me eyes did i see?

A poll with the question: "Should Congress pass a windfall profits tax on the oil industry?"

And the results at 8:30 this morning were: yes = 64.9% and no = 35.1%.

Well, this used to be a pretty conservative place to live: Has it changed that much or is something else happening?

First, the Argus is aligned with the Gannett news organization: If it don't square with the democrat's talking points it don't get printed.

Secondly, polls can be manipulated. I have accessed polls that let me vote over and over again. I just checked the web site again, and sure enough, I can revote. The results on this poll may just reflect a minority "stuffing" the ballot box in order to sway public opinion and get people to believe the state has gone schizophrenic.

Of course, there is always the sense that the liberals in kaliphornia and noo yawk have gotten tired of the high cost of living, and have relocated to south dakota, colorado, and other places where cost of living is much lower. They seem to forget that it is their stoopid ideas that got the cost of living up to such heights back where they came from.

So, since the majority of big oil profits are owned by mutual funds, when con-gress takes away the profits from big oil, how many of us are gonna find our mutual funds, our retirement accounts, depleted? When there are no profits to assess to the stock holders, there can be no growth; and where there is loss of profits, there is also loss of growth in stocks. Wait til you see what happens to your 401K.

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