Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shameless HRC ads

Well, the Argus Leader {spelled Gannett news} is sponsoring radio ads that Hillary is the best choice for president...
They claim that she stands up for us so we should stand up for her... I think that should be bend over for her; she won't bend over for us.
So, according to the radio ad, Hillary is going to save Sosh security...Ha, ha, hah... Wonder how many times she has voted against doing anything to save it.
Also makes me wonder why she hasn't done anything while in con-gress to save it...
Any chance of saving Sosh security went away when con-gress voted to make Sosh sec account money part of the general fund.
Wanna save Sosh security?? Take the con-gressional no participation retirement fund and put that money into Sosh security account and put a lock box on it.

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