Friday, March 20, 2020

Interesting but not earth shattering

Came to me this morning while getting breakfast together.
Once upon a time, there was a song on the radio that did very well on the rock and roll charts. I have come to see that perhaps it started out to be an anti rock and roll song. Flying Purple People Eater appeared to be a song showing how popuar rock and roll was, because a critter that spent its life eating people was willing to forgo that passion to play music in a rock and roll band.
Now, for the other side of the story. The artist that brought the song up in the charts was Sheb Wooley. A country music artist in his own right. Consider the ramifications of a interterrestrial critter coming to earth; not just any critter, but one that eats people. Now add to that, he has a horn growing out of his head, and he is able to play rock and roll music through this horn.
Quite an interesting picture of rock and roll musicians. Obviously, I have no proof that this is so, but as the pundits of old might have said, the facts speak for themselves.

Sunday, March 1, 2020


This morning I am struck with the thought of the awesomeness of God.
Here, in this country, we have the Commander in Chief; God is the Commander in Creation!
Consider this world we live in. There is so much we do not see, know, or understand about our world or universe. There are some who posit this world, universe came into being by a fluke explosion somewhere back in history. To my military mind there is too much minute integration involved in what we do know, see, or understand. Consider how coordinated life is: Humans breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide; trees, plants and grass take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. If that is not a balance, I have no idea what is.
Consider the human body. Science informs us of the materials which make up the human body. Scientists know these materials but are not able to put them together to create a human body. I recall a joke I heard years ago: A consortium of scientists agreed they were now able to create a human being. One scientist was elected to go to God and prove that God was no more relevant. After explaining to God what they could do, God said, go ahead and show me. The scientist reached down and grabbed a handful of dirt, and God said, get your own dirt!
To my mind I find believing in things I have heard regarding evolution to be impossible and improbable. Consider, we are advised that somewhere, perhaps milions of years ago, a fish flopped up on land and developed legs in order to walk on land. I suppose that could be believable, but consider the intelligence of fish. Throw a hook in the water with a wiggling worm on it and fish will grab it; oops!
Now, consider: "In the beginning God created". My mind wonders how, a world that came from a freak explosion in nothingness is able to maintain for all these millenia. Think about it. The One who created is able to sustain creation. In spite of all the created beings are able to come up with to destroy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Beam me up Scotty

So, it appears, professor Patricia MacCormack, United Kingdom, has come forth and declared the best way to save the planet is let humans become extinct.
Unfortunately, this is not new with this prof. This mind set has been around for a long time. Sadly, those who profess this idealism are never ready, nor willing, to lead the way in humans becoming extinct.
Scripture tells us love is laying down your life for others.  What the prof is saying is love is you laying down your life for me.
The popular mythology dictates that man is destroying the earth. Truth be told, the mythology doesn't address how the earth came into being, or how it is sustained or maintaned. Of course in order for that to come to light would be to admit that man has no ability to create or destroy.
Scripture also informs us not to trust in man. We have chosen to worship man, especially those who claim to be more intelligunt than the rest of us, or even more gifted. We have definitely, collectively, lost our way.
No wonder I woke up this morning singing in my mind, "There is joy in the camp a sinner has come home...there is joy wonderous joy in the camp.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

The time's they are a changing

How interesting...Loretta Lynn has mentioned that country music is dead.
I could have told her that years ago.
Having been born in the 40s, I grew up on country music @ KLAK radio in Denver. I vividly recall how the music transitioned to rockabilly and into rock and roll. Which was followed by heavy metal, acid rock, disco and what we call rock and roll today.
For the past twenty years I have been here, and listened mostly to KXRB the local country station. I guess it was probably in the 80s but moreso in the 90s when country music began sounding much like the rockabilly of the 50s. It didn't take long for the music to start sounding like the beginning of rock and roll.
Probably two years ago or so, KXRB had a change of ownership/leadership and came up with an additional FM station. Since there was a lot of music played during the week that sounded so much like rock and roll I reserved my listening to Saturday when the day was committed to country classics. Even that changed somewhat because the classics were no longer played by the original artists but by covers of more recent artists and claimed to be classics.
Perhaps the debarkation point came for me last year when the station implemented "country variety". Yes! variety. I suppose we could sit and debate, all day, what variety might mean. In my mind, it was an open door to transitioning to a more rock and roll format.
Then, about half way through last year, the format changed again, and classic Saturday became classic Saturday afternoon, from 12 to 6. Most recently, classic Saturday is no longer a part of the programming.
Yes, I know, change is the only constant. Didn't someone, somewhere, say there is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be?
Well, that is enough for today.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Whatever will be

I have been living under the assumption that squirrels hibernate for the winter. That just isn't so.
As I sit here at the computer and look out my window, I can see the squirrels running around and cavorting in their squirrely way, in spite of the sub-zero temperature and the snow on the ground.
Perhaps this is a manifestation of the "glow-bull worming" or "Klimate change" we have been hearing so much about. Perhaps the old "Wendy's" commercial is coming back to haunt us..."It isn't nice to fool mother nature!"
Whatever it may be, up here in the southern frozen tundra we have squirrels being squirrely all year long.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Time and Tide

Well, the "oldies" station in Minnesota plays this record quite a bit that has a guy trying to get in touch with a girl on the phone, but her mother will not let her on the phone.
He interjects with the words "And the operator says forty cents more for three more minutes".
How well I remember those days. Seems like you could not call anywhere without having to go through the operator and if you were on a pay phone, you better make sure you have enough quarters in your pocket.
I am afraid that my children have never had to work through that kind of a call, and I am doubly sure, none of my grand children will ever understand.
But, when I think about it, I never experienced having a neighbor holler over that you have a phone call.
Yes, time does roll on.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Caught you looking

So, last night, about 10:15 I got ready to get ready for bed. As I walked by a window, I thought, what is all the light shining through?
When I looked out the patio door, it was snowing, and it was as light as day. I confess, I am not so sure I can recall another time when the night was as bright as the day. Talk about cognitive disonance!
Next, when I got up at 5:45 this morning, it was still bright as day; and now, two hours later nothing has changed except the cloudy sky is now a grayish-purple kind of color instead of dark grey.
These definitely are interesting days to be alive in which God delights in giving us situations to stretch our mind and cause us to smile and say thank you, LORD, for your awesome blessings.